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  • 50-5000g Packing

    50-5000g Packing

    Semi-Automatic powdery packing machine

    Packing range: 50-5000g

    Application: Mainly used for feeding powdery and granular materials like flour, milk powder, pesticide, chemicals, and foodstuff spices etc.

    Packing speed: 1200-3000bags/hour

    Dimension: 690×1060×2000mm

    Power: AC380 50HZ.1000W

  • 10-25kg Packing

    10-25kg Packing

    Power: 2.2KW

    Electric power: 380V/220V  50HZ

    Packing maximum weight:  25Kg

    Packing speed: 4 bags/min

    Packing accuracy: FS±2‰

    Size of contour: 1025×700×2890mm

    Groundwork size: 930×760mm

    Air source: Air pressure P≥0.6MPa

    Air supply rate: Q≥1.2m3 /min

    Ambient temperature: 540

    Relative humidity: 85%

  • 1-2kg Fully Automatic Packing Machine